Second Vatican Council

Second Vatican Council is a special time in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. This is because as a Christian, change is inevitable even in the church corridors, hence various changes can be made to the original doctrines of the church to suit the current situation. I tend to think that the reason as to why there was division among the Catholics that lead to some Christians exiting this very mother of all the churches was due to the very strict doctrines of the church. Some Christians, therefore, felt that time had come to include certain issues to solve current problems the church was undergoing. Thus, the calling of the council to deliberate on the way forward.

Being a Christian according to Gaudium in his article, Christians undergo various challenges to practice the same faith that they profess each single day. Imaging of the kind of hardship that the Christians in India have been undergoing is head to believe. An environment that is mostly occupied by Hindus as the main faith means that only a minority are Christians who fellowship in hard times. It is this diversity nature of the surrounding that the Vatican two was called to deliberate on the way forward to spread the word of God to the remote places like the villages and upcountry. Faithfull with little knowledge about their faith is to be taught to gain a deeper understanding of the same faith they profess.

In my opinion, the council made a great step by coming to an agreement that certain doctrine to be revised to help reach out to the faithful as well to bring back the faithful who had left the church. This step was made better by translation of the Catholic doctrines from Latin to English and other local languages. Practices such as prayers and singing during the mass when said in the local languages are better understood by the locals unlike Latin, which is known to few and the3 learned.

The philosophical view of the meaning disciples does not only mean the twelves follower of Jesus Christ but in a border perspective, any Christian, who follow the Christ’s teaching as well as the commandments as per the requirement. This is why Christianity in India is just like any other place and the argument that the Christians were taking advantage of the poor does not hold any ground. The poor in the community and the context of the Holly Bible means that the faithful who know very little of the same faith they profess. Meaning that reaching out to the poor in spirit is fulfilling the desires of Jesus Christ of being fishers of men as described in the Holy Bible.

What I like about the council meeting that it recognizes the existence of other Christians who does not belong to the catholic church as well as other faiths such as Islam and Hindu among many others. This means that a Christian is anyone who follows Christ teaching and executes His will, and thus, our brothers and sisters from other faithful have their way of worship. Just like the Indians they use symbols in their worship, in their right, they must be respected to bring normalcy in every environment because every human being is God’s creature with equal opportunities.

In conclusion, the changes that were made during the council’s meeting brought a new revolution in the church. Christians are urged to obey the authority, attend to their national duties, participate in sincere warping of the creatures. The Indians who convert to Christianity should be as well as given their freedom of worship as stated in their constitution. They should also understand that this right is not only limited to worship but also tied to brother and sisterhood to help build one another for the good of the nation and their respective faiths.




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