Star Wars Music

Question: 1

While listening to the star wars music I do notice the sound of the lovable but deadly Yoda the most. The sound of the sound is just encouraging everyone listening to the music to take courage in order to succeed in the future despite the hurdles of life that one might encounter on the way (Lawrence, 2014). The sound is deep and pressing as one listen to the music a situation that demand one to be motivated for the future.

Question: 2

One week from now, I would be in a position to remember the sound of the power of the dark side because it is associated with the failure of the past and how they might be used as a stepping stone to succeed in the future.

Question: 3

I like the sound of the theme songs because they are associated with particular individuals and events within the war period and the future.

Question: 4

The sound I like the least while listening to the star wars music is that of the Afraid (Lawrence, 2014).  The sound of the afraid is disappointing because during the time these songs were being composed there was the need for the composers to encourage the listeners of the music.

Question: 5

If I was the composer of the star wars music I would add a drum and a bass voice in the music in order to encourage the listeners not to surrender while at the war (Lawrence, 2014). Han sound would be a better sound to be included within other sound within the star wars music.

Question: 6

As an avant-garde composer I wound add the sound of the sound of the waves under water as a non-musical sounds to this music in order to bring calm to the listeners.

Question: 7

While the star wars music is playing the picture of a lonely and disappointed composers and listeners would better match the music.

Question: 8

Given the fact that these songs were sang during the time of war, the picture would better express the problems and the challenges the singers and the listeners were going through before and after the war.

Question: 9

The emotions involved in the picture are: loneliness, disappointment and anger.

Question: 10

The best title for the picture would be: “No retreats no surrender”

Question: 11

During the exchange of power from government to another is a similar even like this.

Question: 12

Since life is full of ups and downs I have ever experience similar emotions.  The emotions overcame me when I failed to attain the first grade to allow me to obtain a scholarship for further studies yet I had been working hard to attain it.

Question: 13

The life issue theme that can be related with this music is that despite how hard life might be it is always good to be motivated.





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