The Case of Jason


The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on “The case of Jason”. The paper is going to give a response to questions that articulates from the case study such as giving a description of the terms “risk” and “protective” factors, description of four of Jason’s risk and corresponding protective factors.

Briefly, describe the terms “risk” and “protective” factors

“Risk” factors refer to negative influences in the lives of individuals within a community. These factors may lead to an increase in the occurrence of victimization, crime and the likelihood that individuals within a community would be victims or engage in criminal activities. On the other hand, protective factors are the positive influences that can lead to an improvement of an individual’s life or the community safety. The protective factors may decrease the likelihood that persons would engage themselves in crime or become victims.

Describe four of Jason’s risk and corresponding protective factors

Jason’s risks factors are such as emotional problems in childhood, as we can see the aspect of emotional problem led to his daily calls to his mother while crying. The second risk factor is low self-esteem which leads to little cooperation as anticipated by the grandmother. The third risk factor that reveals itself is Violent witness in that he gets to see a gun in the custody of Susan and Stanley at times would get into a fight. The fourth risk factor is his overweight, which would lead to some health disorders. For Jason’s case, he ought to take into consideration the protective factors such as avoiding ignorance and bearing in account the aspect of education and training which we find that he has started.



Describe four of the family’s risk and corresponding protective factors

Family distress also stands out as a family risk especially the trouble occurring between the mother and the grandmother. The second risk factor is corporal punishment. From Mary S., Susan, and Stanley we find Jason undergoing some pain infliction from their punching which to some extent exposes the victim to some torture. The third risk factor is policies and living policies, from the case of Jason we get that though the grandmother is caring to some extent she does not consider her responsibilities as a guardian to Jason. The fourth risk is early and repeated anti-social behaviors in the family. From these factors, the family needs to take into account some of the protective measures such as good parental skills, positive attitude, beliefs or values and strong social support for Jason to be whom they anticipate in the future.

Describe three community and environmental risk and protective factors

The community and environmental risk and protective factors are such as lack of services that entails the aspect of socializing. Jason in his area of residential does not have age mates whom they can share issues apart from the elderly neighbor. The second risk factor is a Poor academic achievement and the third risk factor that also articulates is the aspect of poverty as we can see the mother giving him to the grandmother. The protective factors that are taken into account in this situation are such as getting the opportunity for engagement both in school and the community, positive norms and presence of mentors and support for developing interests and skills.

Describe particular social policy issue(s) that are relevant for Jason’s case study?

The aspect of social policy aims at improving human welfare to meet human thirst for health, housing, education and socialization. The specific social policies that are relevant in Jason’s case includes social security in that he needs to be free to both the family members and feel secure. The other aspect is living conditions, the grandmother to some extent has tried to take good care of the grandson, but she needs to enhance some aspects such as leaving Jason back with no money and food. Social housing, family policy, child protection especially from the punches, and education policy also becomes relevant in Jason’s case.

Briefly, describe what an administrator should be mindful of when creating programs that could benefit Jason and his family.

The administrator in his full capacity to be of more beneficial to both Jason and his family needs to put into account the aspect of social policy by considering family policy, child protection since the family seems to be more flexible regarding punching of their children from the grandmother to step- father. The administrator also needs to sensitize the family on the risk factors and the protective factors in that if the risks surpass the protective factors would lead to the victimization of their children leading to psychological torture hence traumatic disorders.


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