The growth of an organization

When an organization is positively growing, the responsibilities keep on increasing hence an organization will require new employees to help in running the daily operations of the entity. The primary factor considered in hiring an employee is their understanding of the business.  Employees with the potential of high productivity exhibit technical or organizational traits even in their introductory stages. (John & Joseph, 2009). They exhibit maximum understanding of details in their specific field of specialization. Respect among employees is a quality that cannot be taught from a managerial point. High potential employees will tend to nurture a respect full environment within their work environments.

Ambition is the secret tool of high potential employees. This lot is not all about developing a stellar career on the policies of the organization. They are quite focused on establishing new avenues of opportunities. To discover this secret, the prudent employer will notice their obligation to career development. Team dynamics is also a key trait of high potential employees. They set aside their individual interest for the general good of the working team and develop positive spirit of profession partnership (John & Kathleen, 2009).

Regardless of all cost-benefit analyses, feasibility tests, market surveys, benchmarks and all other strategic leadership a certain leader does; uncertainties will always emergence beyond such plans. The leader therefore must have the guts to make individual decisions in very tight and uncertain scenarios.  To ensure that employees have such qualities, the management must formerly and informally monitor the response of its employees in different working conditions.


  1. Make sure that the organization has a proactive recruitment, training and development policy.
  2. Develop the administrational structure keenly with independent and definite roles of each level of management.
  3. Ensure that the new system consists of specific expectations with the relevant performance appraisal values.
















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