About David’s death

The norms governing what it is to be a worthy, recognizable and sustainable human life clearly did not support his life in any solid or continuous way means that the life of David did not confirm the social construction theory that is supposed to affirm or fail to affirm the aspect of gender essentialism (Butler 2004).  As a result of this, David developed a discourse on self understanding and self reporting since it involved the intelligibility grid where by his humanness is asserted and questioned. Additionally, David does not need his worth justified through different judgments from people of his personal features meaning that he possesses another significance sense of how an individual worthiness can be justified. (Butler 2004) I agree with these concepts as the norms that govern sustainability of human beings did not apply to David and as a result main cause of David’s death was as a result of failure to justify his own life despite of his present condition.

This implies that the individual leaves in accordance to his own desire gaining the anatomy he needs in order to live in accordance to his desire but complexity enhanced in his desire.  It is agreeable to imply that David internalized into a specific norm or failed to leave in accordance to his gendered behavior that Inform the normal normalization to the positions of doctors since he had already acknowledged of what was worth. Therefore, he possessed different thoughts from what other individuals had in mind since he didn’t justify his worth and still did not agree to become a loser. Therefore, the norm is exceeded by some aspects and hence in a position to recognize the unrecognized (Butler 2004). Therefore the main elements of an individual and humanism presumptions linked to gendered intelligibility and sexed discourses are some of the aspects that constrained David.




Butler J, (2004), From Undoing Gender; Routledge


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