Addiction is a state of brain that is sanctioned by continued use of drugs such that the human body is inclined to the involuntary use of the preferred drug for normal body function.  Is addiction a curable disease? This has been the most controversial question that has drawn different respond.  The correct answer to this question is that no addict is ever cured.  Even if an individual refrains from using a certain drug, their body has already consumed a relatively large amount of the drug in question and hence refraining does not necessarily mean that the addict is free from the drug (Holleran, 2005).  Addiction is therefore a deadly infectious disease that cannot be cured terminally. The rehabilitation process however plays an important role in cleaning the body and ensuring that the addict shifts his or her addiction from drugs to other harmless factors such as playing, travelling and signing among others.

The risk of relapse is real especially where segregation, boredom and the inferiority syndrome hits a prior addict.  These factors lower the self-esteem of the victim and hence drag the victim back to the addiction life as it appears to be the only refugee in such situations. Loneliness also contributes to repulsion (Holleran, 2005). To avert dreadful impacts of addiction therefore, we must understand that this condition cannot be cured permanently and hence it is prudent to actively involve the victors of addiction by engaging them in fascinating and lively activities such that they cannot lose their lives again to the monster of addiction (Holleran, 2005). Addiction is a disorder that requires collective management approach from the addicts to the society that the addict lives in.  The success of an addict in quitting the substance of addiction calls for more than rehab.





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