Advanced Computer Skills

Question: 1

Guided or conducted transmission media is a type of media whose electromagnetic waves or signals are transferred from one medium to the other through the use of cables or wires (Edward, 2013). Basically, telecommunication is usually classified into either guided or unguided media (wired and wireless). Both types of media are used in both long and short distance communication that is LANs, MANs and WANs. Nevertheless, examples of conducted transmission media include: optical fibers, coaxial cables, twisted pair cables and phone lines.

Question: 2

Standard query language is a computer programming language used by the computer users to access and manipulate the database in specifying what must be done without specifying how the action must be done. The standard query language has various functions such as: data retrieval, insert records and query the databases, setting permissions on tables and ensuring procedures while computing (Edward, 2013). Structured query language (SQL) that assists the computer users in database management systems.

Question: 3

C++ computer programming language was discovered by Bell Labs in 1980 in the process of advancing the existing C programming computer language. As a matter of fact, the C++ computer programming language is considered to be a universal purpose programming language. The program is object oriented, generic in nature, imperial and provides facilities for low memory level manipulation. The program is built with a bias towards system programming that is it is manufacture for use in operating system kernels and embedded systems. The program is characterized with high performance, flexibility of use and efficiency as the design requirements (Edward, 2013). The C++ computer programming language has been useful in different applications especially in servers like e-commerce, desktop applications and in performance of the critical applications such as the telephone switches. In addition, the programming language is used in the field of entertainment where it is compiled and implemented in different available platforms.













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