America And the industrial revolution


Industrial revolution took place in between the 18th and the 19th century; it was a period where people started using machines to make manufacturing easier (Hillstrom & Hillstrom, 2007). Manufacturing was often done by using hands or very simple tools. This revolution marked a move to use of Special purpose machines, factories, Powered instruments and mass production. This revolution brought about increased volume of manufacture products, improved transport and communication, employment of people with the many advantages.

Basic industries of Americas Industrial Revolution

America’s industrial revolution saw some basic industries like textile, power steam engines, iron making. The textile industry was among the major industries because of the increased demand for fabric. Spinning and weaving activities took place in the houses. Samuel Slater,is known to have built the first factory in America, his cotton spinning mill run by water power. The Iron Industry too was taking a major hold in those years because of the development of high pressured steam engines. The steam engines later powered saw mills flour mills and also textile industries.

Why the controlling men were successful.

We could say that the men who controlled the textile industry were good businessmen since they understood their market correctly. They could purchase raw wool, have it turned into cloth, dye and tease their products. They sold readymade and high-quality products to their customers hence making them successful in their business. These men were also successful in their activities due to the surrounding circumstances; there was enough labor since many people saw factory work as a better opportunity than agriculture and there were also enough raw materials at an affordable price from the farmers who used to grow cotton.

On the other hand not men who controlled the textile industry could be deemed as good businessmen. They avoided labor cost by employing children in their industries and paid very low wages to the workers. As time went by the business men began producing more inferior quality and at a lower price. They started to avoid paying their taxes to the government of that time and made as much as they could for themselves








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