ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY on Promethazine/ codeine syrup Addiction and obsession

Micromedex, (2000), Complete Drug Reference, Consumer Reports Books.

This resource helps the reader to understand that those medicines that are otherwise thought to be safe can easily turn fatal for the user and cause them serious trouble highlighting adverse reactions to medicines as one of the leading killers over the world. The resource prescribes that patients should use medicine under the instruction of the doctor. Further the book gives a list of more than 11,000 prescription and also non-prescription medicines and provides consumers with the updated information on drug usage and all the potential effects that can result from using and abusing such drugs. The book also contains entry lists which  are organize alphabetically showing indications, proper usage, precautions, side effects, common brand names and different forms of usage. The book is more of a comprehensive guide that has been assembled not just by the manufacturers but qualified professional in medicine and drugs thus offering the best that a patient would want to know about obsession and addiction of various drugs.

Consumer Reports. (1999), The Complete Drug Reference, Consumer Reports Books.

This forms one of the most thorough, authentic and objective guides to over ten thousand prescription and over-the-counter drugs. It is a complete  and comprehensive drug reference that is independently compiled by professionals of any drug influence from manufacturer  which avoids any type   of  information bias objectively guiding every medicine that  is used in the united states  of America. It thoroughly reviews and draws a consensus of hundreds of medical authorities pro viding very vital, valuable and lifesaving guidance  in a clear and direct language that is eligible not only for physicians but also for the normal person taking and also administering the drug.  It gives complete guidelines on drug usage, food interactions, and side-effects and also highlights on the proper storage of drugs to avoid poisoning with an easy to use index by brand and generic names.

John Schrefer, (2001), Mosby’s GenRx: A Comprehensive Reference for Generic and Brand Prescription Drugs, Mosby.

This is drug reference that can offer the best insight for anybody who is in need of any drug prescription information. Comprehensively and objectively, it shows the FDA full prescribing information on all virtually approved RX drughs. It highlights candidly on drug use and abuse showing hoew drugs can easily turn killer, obsessive and addictive. Further, this resource shows  the side effects of drugs and the wa y one should deal with these effect ts to avoid the killer side of the drugs. The resource is rich in all the prescriptions that one may need to know and how they should store and handle drugs for maximum safety for these cure yet killer agents.

Philip L. Denniston, Jr. & Jonathan A. Epner, (1993), 1994 Physicians’ GenRxThe Complete Drug Reference, Data Pharmaceutica Incorporated.

This reference is rich in showing different kinds of drugs and their safe prescriptions. It highlights on drug use for optimal achievement yet raises an alarm on the addiction and obsession that can result courtesy of drugs. It comprehensively shows the side effects and discusses them in professional depth giving attention to every detail that one may want to know. This resource further compares prescriptions and gives clear information on possible remedies and alternatives to avoid the dark killer side of drugs which were otherwise meant to sustain life.


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