Anselm’s Philosophy

God is real and exists. Only a fool can choose not to agree that God exist. Anselm is a famous Greek philosopher whose ontological philosophy aims to proof that god exists.  The primary step of this philosophy is the evaluation of what is real fool in this context. According to Anselm, the fool defined in psalms is merely an ignorant who understands that God exists but chooses not to believe that God really exists. “…we believe thou art a being than which nothing greater can be conceived…”  Saint Anselm of Canterbury (2015). Anselm at this point acknowledges the supernaturally powerful “God” that no creature can conceive God. The fact that Anselm takes the purely philosophical path to define who God really is comes with immense theological importance to the wise man. The fool on the other hand dwells on carnal understanding hence failing to capture the existence of a spiritual being despite the fact that the deeds of God are quite clear to the fool.

Fools live in self-denial when it comes to the matters of God. According to Anselm’s philosophy, the mind center of control of all beliefs and actions of human beings. Therefore it is the place where the understanding of God are evaluated and hence the mind can indeed acknowledge the existence of God by evaluating and comprehending the supernatural traits such omnipresence and omniscient among others. (Saint Anselm of Canterbury 2015). Surprisingly, the fool has exclusive understanding of such traits in the mind and yet chooses to refute the existence of a supernatural being.  As a matter of fact, the fool understands thoroughly that there exists that cannot be conceived by any creature because of the supernatural characters yet he chooses not to believe the existence of God.



The fool understand God as “a being than which none greater can be conceived.” This claim ascertains that it is ignorance that the fool dwells on. The existence of God cannot be narrowed down to understanding alone. Unfortunately the fool only relies on his mind to fathom legality of certain situations. This is there reason why he (the Fool) argues against the definite fact of the super natural trait that ensures that God cannot be conceived of any man or woman. The fool carnally appraises every aspect of his life (Saint Anselm of Canterbury 2015).   A fool acknowledges the existence of powerful leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther Jnr in reality and understanding just like the wise man. However, unlike the wise man the fool cannot acknowledge things that do not exist in reality but exists in understanding. This is his biggest undoing that makes the fool refute God’s existence.

Anselm labors to expose the half-baked understanding of God by the fool as in Psalms 14:1. His arguments are quite realistic and hence achieve the goal of exposing the ignorance of a fool whose understanding shows clear consent and acknowledgement that God exists. The fool however, disowns his own mind by arguing that God does not exists simply because God lacks the carnal traits of other human beings (Saint Anselm of Canterbury 2015). The ignorance of a fool is therefore his biggest downfall. It is a rather selfish and inconsistent way of thinking that locks the fool in a socio-spiritual cocoon. Anselm labors to save fools from such mediocre thoughts by developing an ontological philosophy that critically appraises the traits of God from the mind and as well employs humanistic approach to differentiate between man and God.





Saint Anselm of Canterbury (2015). Anselm’s Philosophy.


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