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Apple has been one of the few firms across the globe that has been operating on a progressive journey of growth and development since the birth of the Apple dream by Steve jobs. Despite the emergence of other related entities, apple has always succeeded in being the top player in its market world. It is such an excellent performance and stellar operation even in time of economic difficulties that has seen the firm come out victorious, stable and even making profits at times when no other firm was making profit (Segal, 2012. Pp. 23). Why is Apple such an outstanding company? This essay explores the magic combination of the Apple Empire that has seen the entity maintain it superior position in a perfectly competitive market environment for such a long time.

The most important quality of all Apple products starts from the production team. Unlike in all other entities, the Apple research and development team in conjunction with the production team want every new product they make. Technology engineers in other company’s basically make products to fulfill their professional duties (Segal, 2012. Pp. 30). Apple’s major difference commences at this point. The engineers at Apple do not create new products because they can. Apple engineers create the new products as personal product learning the trait from the founder late Steve Jobs. They produce these products as the immediate customers and hence execute the work the purest touch excellence. Apple’s research and development team has to research and come up with the easiest design of a product to use ever. “If it not easy to use, it is worthless.” (Schneiders, 2011. Pp. 51). The company develops its devices with an easy to use user-interface design that interact with the user quite easily hence addicting these users.



Simplicity is a unique quality of Apple devices that enables them to blend with new technologies without necessarily seeking the expert intervention of engineers (Segal, 2012. Pp. 48). Every Apple product is developed in such a way that it minimizes the decision making process hence making it faster to serve the user.  The company maintains a very superior customer service and in-store experiences custom made to meet the needs of the customer. The company offers their clients exclusive permission to access bot upgrades or downgrades to their devices depending on what level of technology a certain device perfectly performs. That is why Apple only makes a product if they can make it even better (Segal, 2012. Pp. 94).

While other companies are busy manipulating the market forces and economic environments, Apple chose to specialize with winning the hearts of the customers. It is certainly the best approach that any company can adopt. When customers are satisfied, they tend to defy every other economic variable and the demand of such products is ever increasing. The growth in demand of Apple products has been a key point of stability that insures the company against harsh economic conditions a perfect example being the 2008 recession period that hit every economy. Surprisingly, even at such a dangerous economic period, Apple still managed to record profits (Schneiders, 2011. Pp. 43-45).


Steve Jobs Apple Empire is the perfect specimen of how consumers offer the definite solution to economic challenges facing our businesses.  Apple employs the best and will keep on getting the best of the best simply because Jobs understood the importance of meeting the consumer needs, tastes and preferences to perfection. Apple is a good milestone to gauge the success of any organization today just because the company understand what simplicity means.


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