Benefits Of Crime Statistics


Crime statistics are data collection strategies done by agencies or bodies from reported cases in the police desks to give an approximate the level of offenses rates in the country. The United state of America has two bodies of associated with crime data collection such as uniform crime reports from Federal Bureau intelligence [FBI] and the national crime victimization survey from Bureau of Justice Statistics. These bodies have helped the government to understand the crime rates in the country and to come up with various methods of reducing crime rates in the country (Merino, B 2010). This process has assisted the government to understand that not all crimes are committed by adults only but also young youths of tender age such as 17 years or even below this.

The Federal Bureau intelligence has carried out a statistics in the country and has come up with a report concerning the most crimes committed by the young generation. They stated in their files that the most committed crimes by the youth are sexual offences. However, the killing has also been reported, and this seems to carry a lot of weight since most teenagers tend to do this because of betrayal among their relationships. For example, it was reported in the news some days back a young lady killing the boyfriend after she realizes that the guy was tending to drift away into another relationship after impregnating her. This kind of information has assisted the criminal justice department to come up with various programmes in relationships through the media or even through their teachers to educate the young on matters of solving disputes in case something like this could arise in the community again. This medium has reduced the level of crime rates to a bit lower levels than before (Zagaris, B 2010).

The intelligence body [FBI] has also reported that the youths are also involved in cases of theft and robbery with violence. This information has brought a lot of analysis which comes up with various reasons as to why the juvenile could involve themselves into this kind of unbelievable acts. They come up with different reports such as lack of enough finances to meet their unlimited desires of their hearts (Merino,n 2010). This financial dilemma has invoked a lot of bad cases in the society more so among the youths as they try to meet some levels of finances instead of sitting down and going to school. This medium has brought up a lot of school drop outs. As a result of this information in the community, the criminal justice has educated the government on the current trends in cases and how to solve them to reduce the number of juvenile getting involved in these horrible actions.

Crime statistics is of great importance in the society. The community has benefited from this body of the offence collection so much that this body should be enforced in all the countries in the world to help curb the rising crimes among the young in the societies (Geis, G 2012). This agency has assisted the government of the United States of America to reduce the levels of juvenile crime rates in the country. This is recorded in the online statistical briefing in each racial groups in the states, the youth arrest rate increased in the early 1980s but declined drastically in the recent years that is from 1990s to 2012. This is also recorded in percentages as a decrease by 59% among the Asian American community, 55% for American Indians,44% for the whites and 21% for the black juveniles. These records have given the government some hope since they struggle to reduce crime rates in the country among the youth. This medium shows vividly that the state requires a team of intelligence to take statistical data in the police department and conduct a massive survey on the reasons why the juvenile involve in crimes (Barton, M. 2014)


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