Case study

Question: 1

Given the increased fuel insecurity, pollution, prices and climate instability, there has been the need for transition from old sources of energy such as coal, oil and natural gases to the new enrage powered by geothermal, solar and wind. Currently, carbon dioxide emitted from the use of coal amounts to 44 percent, the one emitted from oil accounts to 36 percent and the one emitted from natural gas accounts for 20 percent. As a result of this, there has been the need to design a pollution free economy. In the 21st century, the burning of coal in most countries around the world is declining as most of them are turning into solar energy as a source of electricity and heating. The transition from fossil source of energy to the wind, geothermal and solar source of energy has been necessitated by changes in the climate change around the globe.

Question: 2

It is correct to state that the cost of fossil fuel production can be offset through tax levied on the price of gas at the pump because

Question: 3

The existence of OPEC Cartel is enough to justify development of all possible domestic oil, coal and gas reserves to maintain united states national security because the global economy depend on natural resources price stability. As a supper power, united states is necessitated to have the highest oil reserve being controlled by OPEC Cartel in order to maintain oil market stability and the to reduce global economy instability and conflicts.

Question: 4

The irrational NIMBY sentiment is the main reason preventing the United States and the world community from using nuclear energy as a source of clean source of energy and development of renewable energy. A country like united states depend on the NIMBY sentiment to prevent other countries from producing renewable energy from nuclear energy source because it believes that those countries shall be empowered and lead to energy market instability.

Question: 4

The modern society uses huge amount of electricity which is generated from the power plant. Despite having numerous advantages, the use of electricity also has environmental impact. The production of electricity requires steady water flow in order to drive the turbines and to cool the systems. Just like other sources of energy, electricity generation also requires the burning of the fossil fuels which also leads to environmental pollution. The electricity generation is costly because it necessitates the use of the modern technology and skilled laborers in order to reduce the cost associated with it. The impact of global warming has reduced electricity generation despite the fact that the demand of electricity is still expanding.

Question: 6

The depletion of the natural fossil fuel has been of great concern form most countries around the world. As a result, most countries are now ready to adopt alternative renewable sources of energy such as nuclear energy in order to meet the demand of energy. In addition, the impact of the fossil fuels to the environment has forced most countries to turn into alternative source of energy which is regarded to be cheap and clean.

Question: 7

The optimally determined recycling level fails to prevent the use of virgin national resources because there is increased demand of energy across the globe. Moreover, some countries depend on the fossil fuels as the source of fund to run their economy while countries like united states want to maintain a huge reserve of the fossil fuel while at the same time it continues to use other countries natural resources.

Question: 8

The elasticity of demand for fossil fuel across the globe determines the prices to be charged for oil. The high the demand for oil in the global market the high the price and the lower the demand as a result of political instability the lower the prices of oil. OPEC which has been given the mandate to control oil production and consumption has the potential to determine the price of oil. Geopolitical status across the global determines the demand and supply of oil in the world market which might also influence the price of oil. In addition, China and United States has the power to determine the price of oil in the world market.

Question: 9

United States is one of the developed countries in the world and is more industrialized.  The increased energy consumption has resulted into environmental pollution and impact of global warming which is being experienced in United States and in the world.

Question 10

Just in case there is water scarcity, the government should ensure that it is distributed according to the users demand. Users with pressing demand should be given the first priority and later supply it to the other users. The shortage of water affects distribution because the suppliers will be required to determine which users to be supply to be given the priority.

Question 11

Initially, private wells were the source of water for United States. As the towns expanded there was the need for the united states to come up with more sources of water. The increased demand of water led to the establishment of the Baltimore water company. The world war two led to establishment of the new approaches which ensured that there was more and safe water for the users. The water distribution pattern started with the

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