Discussion 1  

The first discussion is appropriate for the work of a coach. They need to make their employees understand their duties and responsibilities and explain achievement standards. As they do that, they will allow giving of sharing of thoughts, rationale, and experiences. In order to boost the esteem and enthusiasm of employees they should respect them for them to be comfortable in their work places. Moreover, it is true that coaching is not additional work if done in the right way. It is very easy if taken positively. Face to face, meetings are not the recommended meetings. All meetings are effective if the message is communicated correctly and the impact is felt. Conducting phone meetings to give out thoughts and suggestions is enough if added with constructive feedback and proper guidelines.

Discussion 2

I agree with the second discussion because the importance of a coaching process is to get feedback and collect information about subordinates (University of Minnesota, 2013). . Coaching can be very easy if every member is allowed to give ideas, listen to other people’s ideas, and ask questions. Coaching processes assists in observation of behavior and record improvement. Coaching creates a strong bond among employees thus creating identity with the work. Through proper guidance and working atmosphere full of harmony, the produce is high bringing job satisfaction.

Discussion 3

             The last discussion is appropriate regarding the definition and work of a coach. In agreement with Zenger and Folkman, an extraordinary leader is born with leadership characteristics and goes further to develop themselves through exchanging ideas with others to perfect their skills. However, I disagree with a major guideline that coaches should not focus on weaknesses. The work of the coach towards his subordinate is to identify their strengths and weaknesses with an aim of improving each attribute. Moreover, their target is improved on productivity.





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