Communication is the passing or transmission of information from one person to another in the same geographical area or different geographical location. It involves the use of various means to pass the information to another person. Communication strategy and importance differ from one place to another depending on the parties involved [Springer,2013]. This communication is essential in most ways such as it improves the morale of the workers hence enhance the productivity of the organization; it is also able to increase employees job satisfaction and as the scholars put it that it can have a positive influence on the absenteeism of the workers.

Worker’s morale

Research has clearly shown that most organization with appropriate communication network will thrive well regarding the operation. This intermediate result to effective communication between the Boss and the juniors, For example, a business organization operating in the society and has an effective communication where the Boss talks freely with the workers, most probably the company will expand and increase productively to the benefit of the firm[Springer, 2013]. Moreover, this will also bring the element of job satisfaction more so to the employees.

Communication is necessary not only at work space but also in the community for efficient sharing of thoughts. Business or an organization should employ sufficient and suitable communication network around the workplace for productivity purposes. This is because no one is interested in operating a business without some elements of improvement which is mostly taken to be positive. Most businessmen will embrace a positive development than negative one [Springer, 2013].





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