Communication involves expressing one’s opinions efficiently and effectively to the audience. As for me, I really feel that in this clip, Morgan Spurlock, just hit it running and the clip, with lots of simplicity, just did the perfect job of communication. Just from the way the talk is set and introduced, it is just perfect and amazing. The audience’s attention is completely captivated with humor and authenticity such that all heads and eyes are well turned up not to miss a single wording. With such an attention, communication is just as perfect as ever admired (Spurlock, 2013).

A picture speaks a million words. The communicator blends his words perfectly with some pictorial presentations, which just keep the audience focused with them crating fun and suspense such that the audience is just rearing to see the next picture. By so doing, the message is successfully put to the audience who are keen to grasp everything for their attention is already owned by the communicator (Spurlock, 2013).

There is a very good communication too owing to the audibility and top-score articulation by the communicator. He is very clear at each and every person in the audience can clear hear him. The voice and tonal variation as employed just holds the attention of the audience with also a blend of correct and captivating body language that crates an imaginative picture of the reality in the talk in the minds of the audience. By so doing the audience gains a better understanding and comprehension of the talk (Spurlock, 2013).

Also the talk is logically made such that there is a chronology of ideas, with one idea leading to the other in a well-made logical manner. This helps the audience build an understanding gradually and grasp the points without a mix up and confusion. I a nutshell, this is a very excellent job of communicating with precision, clarity, efficiency, effectiveness and authenticity (Spurlock, 2013).




Morgan Spurlock, (2013), The Greatest TED Talk ever sold, TED-Ed. Web:, on February 04, 2016.

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