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Sydney Jewish Museum is one of the public images of the Australian community.  Despite functioning like any other museum in the globe, the museum normally acts as an educational centre as well as a community and a memorial institute. The museum is normally sponsored by a loyal tem of about two hundred and fifty volunteers who work across all sectors of operation. The holocaust exhibitions conducted regularly are usually improved and upgraded continually (Flinn, 2010). The will illustrate how the Sydney Jewish History Museum fit with Flinn’s  Criteria of an attack on professionalism, scholarship, production of knowledge and democratizing archives.

How Sydney Jewish History Museum fits with Flinn’s criteria

The museum play a great educational role in the community as its mission is to provide a variety of educational programs for both the students and adults. The museum is among the great supporter of active library for the community and a strong resource centre for the researchers. Moreover, the museum is the centre of survivor testimonies of the Jewish community and usually hosts more than 3,000 Australian orals (Gilliland, 2013).  The museum usually hosts the community stories and enables the members of the community to document their history with easy and affordability. Since 2002, the museum is believed to have published more than forty books which have been written by Jews with life interesting stories and others by Holocaust survivors. In addition, to the recent written books, the museum also hosts other variety books from educational sector to real life situation of the community.

The Sydney Jewish Museum is a memorial museum in nature. The museum is used as children memorial for the 1.5 million Jewish children who were killed in the Holocaust. The victims of the shoah are also remembered through the Sanctum remembrance honors. In addition, the museum is a host of electronic memorial as it hosts photographs of the victims who migrated in Australia from other countries long time ago. Every year, the museum usually conducts different ceremonies in commemoration of the great Holocaust events (Flinn, 2010).  In conclusion, the museum has also offered great sponsorship to various students in the community. In conclusion, the museum is believed to an institution which the Jewish community can be truly proud of.








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