Comparison of Terry, Jeff and Van to Doc, Bud and Dave

Question one: Comparison of Terry, Jeff and Van to Doc, Bud and Dave

These are two group of men whereby the group led by Jeff have been transformed and integrated into a new culture of Herland that is dominated by women who have assumed the position of men in a normal societal setup. On the other hand, the group led by Doc, remain stuck to their culture whereby men dominate the women, and they do most of the hard work as opposed to Herland whereby it’s the women to the hard work including construction of a building that is considered a masculine activity.

Question two

Assumption men make about the relationship existing between the presence of men, and the “civilization” is that women in Herland are not “ideal” because back in their country, women fall in love with men and marriage may result with the women assumed to be vulnerable creatures. But the women in Herland see men as creatures with equal abilities opportunity as the women in Herland. This, therefore, makes the relationship assume a structure of marriage between the same gender.

Question three

The main societal value of Herland is an education for the people especially the children. This is depicted when the three men are arrested and taken into captivity; they are taught with their lady friend on the values of the community, their languages as well as the expectation of the community. In addition, after the death of the people two thousand years ago, the women remained behind and formed a language that could easily be learned by their children and that which is void of confusion, hence education is the core societal value.

Question four

The text defines good motherhood as one in which the upon the birth of a child will bring up the young one as well as teaching the child the core values of the community. Such a good mother will respect the husband and collaborate in the upbringing of the child to adulthood. In addition, a good motherhood is characterized by instilling good behavior in the child to respect the entire community and be a role model to others.

Question five

One short quotation would be “The children in this country are one center and focus of all our thoughts” said by Alima





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