Concealed carry laws

Concealed carry laws have generated quite a debate in the past years. Many have argued that these laws make the society safer while many other say that these laws make the society even more dangerous. Since President Obama was elected, the number of concealed carry guns has skyrocketed. In some states, it is not necessary for a person to have a permit when carrying a concealed gun. This means that there are many people who have guns. According to a research by the Crime Prevention Research Center (2015), the numbers of concealed guns have soared from 4.6 million in 2007 to over 12.8 million in 2015. According to the report, the states that allowed concealed guns without a permit shoed less murder cases than the states that required permits in 2013.

Howell Kellan (2015) quoted a report from the Crime Prevention Research Center, which indicated that the crime rates had decreased with the increasing number of concealed gun carriers. The report stated that more people were using the guns for their own self-protection and prevention of crimes. This report was however disputed by the gun control advocates saying that many people actually used the crimes to commit crimes and not to prevent them from happening. There are examples of people who actually prevented murders by using their concealed guns. A good example is a man who saved the lives of several people when a gunman started shooting carelessly at a crowd.

According to Crime Prevention Research Center (2015), the permit holders are usually law-abiding citizens. These citizens take the guns for protection against bad people with guns. Most of the homicides that have occurred happened a day or two after a person had acquired permit for their guns. Most of them commit mass murders and then commit suicide. Most of these homicides were not done in self-defense. A very good example of a person who got a gun permit just to commit murder-suicide is Aaron Alexis who according to ( acquired his gun two days prior to committing a mass shooting killing more than 12 people. H e was later killed by police.

Almost half of the Americans believe that having a gun will make their life safer. Some of them believe that stopping a bad person with a gun will require a good person with a gun. This will mean that the more guns there are the less the crimes. These is contrary to most of the researches that have been carried out showing that the states with less gun possession experience less rates of crimes and overall homicides. Generally, if criminals are stopped from committing crimes by a citizen who has a gun then more guns will mean fewer crimes. That does not mean that a concealed gun carrier will be deterred from committing a crime because another person has a gun. The number of homicides will increase with increase in the gun numbers because people will always have a reason to shoot each even after a short argument.






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