Negative labels tend to encourage criminal activities. Once an individual is negatively labelled, they tend to assume the role of a bad character to full execution. These people develop the deviant trait as a result of being labelled as bad people within a society. Once an individual has successfully earned the negative label such as a criminal for instance, the public then disowns and fears such an individual  hence the  culprits is subject to certain sanctions both legally and morally (Siegel, 2006).  Majority of people who commit crime the end up acquiring negative labels. It is more of proactive measure by social justice to label such people negatively to distract the young and naïve from copying such characters and as well secure the safety of a society by publicly disowning these dangerous, deviant characters within the society.

Democracy is the key method that I deem to be misused by certain peers to perpetrate criminal ideas. Take for instance the freedom of expression that offers people with a genuine plea to engage the relevant authority publicly. Unfortunately, there those with criminal minds whose main agenda is hide in the safety of numbers and perpetrate their egocentric criminal ideas. Looting and property vandalism are perfect examples affiliated with demonstrations involving peers.  In as much as I advocate for a democratic world, I still find it very disturbing when the same people being empowered turn to become the core origin of criminal activities.  Whether peers, siblings or the general public; no one has the express ticket or immunity to hide behind numbers or democracy to promote criminal ideas. It is therefore very important to scrutinize every member of a certain group before empowerment.





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