Cybersecurity in the News


The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of Cybersecurity. The paper will mainly narrow down by giving a summary of the current news on Cybersecurity.

From the current news on Cybersecurity, we find that website administration firm cPanel was hacked over the weekend which led to the exposure of contact information that entails customer’s name, encrypted passwords and their contact details. The hacking that occurred over the weekend led to the public exposure of confidential information of the clients.

The impact of cybersecurity intrusion events in the computer security industry.

From the practice of hacking we get that much information on the respective company becomes vulnerable in the hands of irresponsible individuals whom would lead to much destruction or rather a downfall of the respective industry. From the experience of these hacking scenarios companies have come with strategies that if employed effectively would reduce to some extent if not wiping it completely.

It is, therefore, an urge for all enterprises to apply the aspect of the whitelisting application to help prevent malicious software and unauthorized programs from running. The other strategy is patching of applications such as PDF viewers, Flash, Microsoft Office, and Java. Also, to this, it is also vital to patch the operating system which will enhance its protection from vulnerabilities for some period. Lastly, it is of more significance to apply restrictions to privileges regarding the administration operating systems and applications.



From the article, we get much on the aspect of cyber security which now stands to be a significant threat to the ICT operations in the most of the industries and companies. As we can see from the discussion about the recent practice of hacking that was undertaken over the weekend on one of the firms by the name cPanel. From the action, we get the company being more vulnerable to malicious activities. Therefore, it is a recommendation for businesses to take into account the strategies above for its security.






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