Discourse Community Survival Guide

A discourse community can be defined as a group of individuals who communicate with precision to each other and use a simplified conversation to get something done. Special vocabularies are used in different companies and in different projects and these vocabularies have special and specific meanings that can only be understood by the individuals in that group. In a discourse community the experienced members of the community are expected to transfer knowledge to the newer members.

In order to survive in a discourse community or any other new situation, the most important aspect that one needs to learn is the communication style of the new community. Coping up with a discourse community might prove to be difficult but some survival tactics aid in this. To begin with a discourse community has a set of common public goals. Therefore it is important to be aware of these goals and ensure that your goals fit those in the community. Another important tactic that one should employ is the learning of the mechanisms of intercommunication between the members of the community. These mechanisms are important in that they help one identify the line of communication and how to use it.

One also needs to learn the participatory mechanisms of providing information as well as giving feedback. Under this one is able to identify the right channels to follow when passing messages from one point to another as well as how to give feedback. Most of the members in a discourse community in most cases are experts in a certain area. For instance a discourse community can be made up of lawyers, teachers among other areas of expertise. Therefore in order to cope up with such a community you need to have some common knowledge possessed by the members of the community or group. These are some survival tactics and guidelines that one can use to cope with a new community environment.


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