Domaine de Fenouillet Rosé

France is among the finest producers of wine across the world and supply markets with affordable wine. Two regions in France, Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail produce among the finest grapes used for production of wine in France. The Domaine de Fenouillet Rosé rose wine produced in France is sold international.

The grapes used in the production of this kind of wine just like for other wines require temperatures of ten degree Celsius to twenty seven degrees Celsius. Ripe graves are picked from vineyards which are used in the production of this wine and there is no specific production for this kind of wine. Grapes produced for wines to be sold for two to three years in casks and to illustrate, for the 2013 vintage, grapes are produced as early as 2010.

A blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes are used in the manufacturing of this wine, and a blend of these two produces a rose wine. The wine has peppery accents and with black current and chocolate flavours.

The Domaine de Fenouillet Rosé wine, the 2013 vintage to be specific had a rating of 93 upon its release to the market. It is packed on majorly three varieties of bottles which include a standard bottle of 750 ml, a 375ml bottle and a 1.5 litre bottle. This wine is available in major global markets and retails for an average price of $15 per 750ml bottle. The price however varies from market to market due to other contributing factors that are outside manufacturers’ control.

The wine is better served at temperatures of about eighteen degrees Celsius and would go better with foods such as salty cheese.

The Domaine de Fenouillet Rosé type of wine is an affordable quality wine that can be enjoyed by a majority of persons. It also goes down well with a host of foods that majority enjoy.



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