Physician assisted suicide is more of professional irresponsibility that occurs when a professional health practitioner prescribes a drug that directly contributes to suicide by prescribing a suicidal drug to a patient. Euthanasia on the other hand refers to the medical decision made as a result of consultations to save a very sick patient from their suffering. The major difference between these two is hence the motive and circumstances under which suicide is performed. The prescription of a suicidal drug by a health practitioner is hence detrimental to the ethics of health practice.  Euthanasia on the other hand is a genuine decision taken as a way of saving the patient from further suffering in the life support machines especially when the health conditions of such a patient cannot be indemnified to the healthy state.

Euthanasia is therefore a prudent, medical management decision that saves the patient from pain, saves the health practitioners of time to attend to other manageable cases and as well save the victims of both financial and emotional constraints. When a patient cannot regain their healthy sate and completely become depend on life support machines; it is only prudent to relieve them of the pain and agony endured in the care of these machines. In as much as  we have  respect to human life, there comes a time when the patient cannot endure the pain of sustaining their life. It is therefore in the best interest of such a patient to  opt for  euthanasia as the only option left to save them from the unbearable suffering. Critics of euthanasia might never  appreciate this approach from an ideological angle; nonetheless, faced with the real case of  pain faced by these  patients,; one will definitely appreciate the approach of euthanasia.





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