Globalization refers to the process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected due to the increased trade and cultural exchange between people from different geographical locations. Globalization has increased the production of goods and services. The bigger firms are no longer only nationally operational but have extended to have subsidiary companies in various parts of the world. Such companies have commonly referred to as multinational companies Escalation of globalization has been experienced in the last fifty years.

The Ebola epidemic in western African countries for example brought a wide scope of the term globalization. Different countries acted in different ways and different organizations made different decisions regarding the issue.


Globalization was hoped to at one point reduce or close the gap between developed and developing countries in terms of poverty. It was intended to create independence rather than dependency. During the Ebola fight, most developed nations that were researching and coming up with vaccines and medication only came with the end products and did not leave African expertise. This simply meant that the affected countries would still rely on the developed nations in case the disaster stroke again. The dependency aimed to be done away with by globalization was seen to fail after the Ebola attack in West Africa.


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were designed to bail out countries in economic recessions and to persuade such countries to adopt favorable policies. These bodies ensured they mobilized states towards contributing funds to help fight Ebola in the affected countries. This showed one great advantage of globalization especially when a state has an epidemic. The US was of the opinion that debts owed to these bodies by the Ebola stricken nations be written off. This intention in itself showed that states understood each other’s problems

Globalization has led to misfortunes such as spread of diseases. For example during the Ebola saga many travellers who came from the West African states would possibly be carries of the virus. This prompted more health measures to be taken in order to prevent spreading of the disease to various countries. Other nations such as France suspended flights to the affectd nations and this somehow was felt as discrimination rather than a preventive measure.


The idea of globalization if developed on equality can have a lot of benefits to every category of human beings and help the world achieve the millennium goals. Globalization is unstoppable but should be redesigned to be more benefiting to every individual. This way, the human race will be able to enjoy the fruits of globalization in a universal way and across many generations (Aminy 395).




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