Hot Topics in Advertising Research

Question: 1

The central issues in the article editorial are the current topics in advertising research. The issue is among the frequently asked practitioners and academic questions. According to Taylor, there are certain topics which most people would agree that they need more research in the future. One of the major challenges in determining whether a certain topic is hot in the field of advertisement is establishing whether the topic in question has been of great importance in a given period of time.  In the modern times, determining how organizations integrate the digital and traditional advertisement is of great interest for most advertisers and researchers (Charles, 2013).

The hot topics in the field of advertisement based on Taylor’s arguments include: how to ensure that people are much attentive to digital advertisement, improving attentiveness of the television viewers in the digital video recording ere and advergames.  Moreover, the hot topics also comprise of: the new approaches in social media, customization of communications and the associated privacy issues, measurement of the impact of product placement and sponsorships, promotion and advertisement trend in the emerging markets (Charles, 2013). I do agree with Taylor’s argument in regard to the eight topics in advertisement because they are the topics which have been existence in the field of advertisement sometimes back but they still require further research.

Question: 2

The issue of how to ensure that people are attentive to digital advertisement is the first Hot topic in the field of advertisement that demands further research in the future. Internet advertisement through the short messages and in the social media has always been viewed as one way of attracting many people towards advertisement in the digital environment. For instance, the use of short movie review in the You Tube is one way of advertisement that creates suspense among the internet users and attracts them towards viewing the full content (Charles, 2013). There still remain a gap on how to get people in viewing private online context and this still provide a room for further research.

Enhancing attentiveness towards television commercials in the digital video recorder era is the second hot topic in the field of advertisement. Despite the fact that digital video recorders have been the main topic of advertisement, monitoring the extent to which the viewers will remain attentive to television advertisement will remain a huge topic of discussion. The research is mainly to concentrate on how and whether the advertisement in the television will still remain to be effective in the near future (Charles, 2013). As a matter of fact, television operators, advertisers and satellite television operators are still concerned with the issue of television advertisement.

The third aspect of hot topic in the field of advertisement is the advergames. There has been a great argument conflict on whether the traditional media has the potential to stand out in the modern advertisement. Most advertisers believe that under the right circumstances the use of games in an advert enhances the experience that is associated with a certain game. The importance of this kind of advertisement is that the research needs to understand how a certain advertisement will best fit in a given game and bring the maximum effectiveness (Charles, 2013). The new approaches in social media are the forth hot topic in advertisement. Social media outlets such as the You Tube, Twitter and Facebook have grown explosively but the question of their financial viability still remain.  Recently, the main focus in regard to the social media is the ability of these sites to bring advertisement revenue and the manner in which these sites might be used in a profitable manner. The future research demands to understand the degree of advertisement and promotional techniques which demand to be effective.

Customization of communications and the associated privacy issues is the fifth hot topic in the field of advertisement.  The topic remains to be hot because of its clarity for quite a long period of time. The vigorous use of the internet by the public has lead to a much greater ability to target the customers in possession of the customized messages (Charles, 2013). Whether in traditional media or the internet there has always been the need for the advertisers to obtain fine grained information from the consumers. In addition, there still remain challenges in establishing the concerns of the consumers in the future. Future advertisement need to study personalized consumers’ advertisement.

The sixth hot topic of advertisement is concerned with measuring the impact placement and sponsorship. Both product placement and sponsorship have been expanding globally in response to the chaotic advertisement environment. The impact and measurement of product placement and sponsorships has been an issue of debate in the past and a pressing need in the modern times (Charles, 2013). The modern researchers are concerned with the impact and effects of product sponsorship and placement.

Advertising, promotion, obesity and nutrition are the aspects which constitute the seventh aspect of the hot topics in advertisement. Promotion and advertisement are critical aspects in relation to the modern advertisement. The weight of the aspect is based on the notion that food advertisement has a direct impact in relation to the consumption choices both at individual and group level. Based on this argument, the impact of nutrition advertisement programs demand a deeper research on how it influences the consumers. Advertising trend in emerging market is the final and the eighth hot topic of advertisement (Charles, 2013).  The world is changing as the global commerce industry continues to transform therefore there is need for advertisement to grow as the global market expands. Advertising landscape will be of great important to those conducting research related to the whole world.

As an advertiser, I would use advertisement trend in the emerging market topic as a communication tool in the food and nutrition industry. Given the fact that Coca-Cola products are consumer’s world-wide it is important for the mother company to understand the different advertisement techniques in different countries around the world in order to understand the consumers and market trends in each country (Charles, 2013). The tool is best for beverages consumer segment because there are different beverage companies which compete for the same market and consumers. Coca-cola has a huge history as far as the market of beverages is concerned. Therefore, emerging market advertisement research would be of great importance.

Question: 3

Among the trends identified by Charles Taylor in regard to the hot topics in advertisement, new approaches in social media and how to ensure that people are attentive to digital advertisement are the two major trends which are worth of consideration (Charles, 2013). The reasons for the two considerations are because the world is becoming digitized and there is need for companies to understand the extent onto which the consumers and the customers are adopting the digital advertisement.

The nature of content being watched and associated with in the internet and the digital world is of great importance as it will influence the private and general advertisement in the global market. in addition, this is related with new approaches in social media. The advertisers and the producers have the role of determining the financial ability and the revenue expected from social media advertisement. By evaluating the revenue expected from social media advertisement one would be in position to determine the degree of advertisement and the promotional techniques.























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