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Marketing managers (13011C)


Develop strategies required for marketing depending on their knowledge on policies, market conditions, mark up factors and cost. They are responsible of coordinating and publicizing activities that promote services and products. In addition, they conduct commercial and economic surveys to come up with potential markets for services and products. They are responsible of analyzing developments for businesses as they consult trade journals to monitor trends in the market and opportunities available (Coutsoukis, 2015).


Candidates must have knowledge on sales and marketing, administration and management, communication and media, mathematics, eglish language, economics and accounting, geography, customer and personal service, law, government and jurisprudence, sociology and anthropology, psychology, foreign language, fine arts, clerical works among others.


They must possess skills such as speaking, active listening, idea generation vision, critical thinking, active learning, coordination, implementation planning, decision-making and judgment, information gathering, identification of problems, systems perception. Evaluation of ideas, writing, persuasion among others (Coutsoukis, 2015).


They should have ability to orally comprehend information, express and make clever ideas about it. Have clear speech, fluent ideas, inductive and deductive reasoning, and ability to visualize things, sensitivity to problems, recognize speech, and recognize color discrimination among others. Selective attention, proper time-sharing and numbering of facilities, speed of closure, perception and flexibility are among abilities required for successful candidates.

Work activities

They should extract information from required to perform the job, communicate with other people appropriately, make decisions for certain problems, implement ideas or programs, offer consultations and advice to other workers and people. They should sell and influence others to buy.


Interview with George a Corporate marketing coordinator in a confidential company Inc, Atlanta, GA. The above requirements for a marketing manager favored George who attended the interview. George had the following qualifications, a master’s degree in Marketing, possessed excellent communication skills in that he collaborated with other sales team members and assisted in issues of proposals with an Indian marketing team. He sold and influenced others to buy since he participated in trade shows, parties, and conferences among other external events. Moreover, he handled allocation of $500,000 marketing budget that supported trade shows, advertising, seminars, and PR Company. In addition he has participated in freelance writing of Brochures, business letters, website content and also acted as an editor. He has been a sales representative and a marketing coordinator in a confidential company in Atlanta, GA.

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