Impact of Standardized Terminologies on Practice


The paper is an article that will give an argument on standardized terminologies in practice. The paper will therefore expressly provide a discussion on how standardized terminology directly impacts my nursing practice by providing a rationale and one example which in this case I have used NANDA as one of the terminologies in the electronic health records

Standardized nursing terminologies refer to a body of the terms applied in nursing practice. There are numerous nursing terminologies which incorporate both informal and formal which are approved by an appropriate authority or by general consent. Fr this case I chose NANDA-I as one of the standardized terminologies in the field of nursing (Lunberg et al. 2008).

North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International, which is abbreviated as NANDA-I, has the role of identifying human responses to diseases, risks, health promotion or injury. The nurse in his or her full capacity uses a thinking process that is critical in diagnosing human responses mentioned above. The diagnosis undertook under NANDA- I incorporate interpretation of behaviors of human related to family, patient or the community health (Lunberg et al. 2008).

Under the electronic health records, nursing diagnosis provides the capability of nursing intervention selection to enable the achievement of results or rather outcomes which the health practitioner stands accountable hence an accurate diagnosis (Lunberg et al. 2008). Lastly, it is crucial to note that the standardized terminologies primarily NANDA-I provide essential benefits to both the organization, patient, nursing profession and the entire country. For the case of the patients, they benefit from the continued provision of care through the implementation of standardized terminologies which is achieved through improved communication between the health practitioners (Lunberg et al. 2008).


From the above discussion, we get to understand the impact of the standardized terminologies in practice especially in nursing where we come across numerous terminologies but narrows down to NANDA-I. The impact of the terminology in the nursing practice as stated above has benefits to both the patient nursing profession and the country in




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