Importance of Health and Nutrition on Child’s development


Child development is  growth or changes that occurs in human beings either physicaly,biologically and emotionally.It’s a continuance process with a more of a predictable sequence, having some course which are unique in every child.we have various types of child development which indicates stages of  growth, these are physical development,cognitive, development and others [“Healthy child program”,2009]. These stages of development requires diverse attention as far as nutrition and health is conserned.Health and nutrition comes in to state the right condition for parents to subject their child to for effective development.

Food is very essential to all humans especially small children since they require this in most stages of their growth and development as described clearly by world health organization[WHO]  a body which manages and direct most of world’s health issues. This nedium also has a hand in their level of health as they grow to adulthood.For example a child who takes the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and omega fatty acid in their daily diet has a much greater chance in establishing a solid foundation for their brain activity and captivity later on in their lives.Moreover, a child who takes low fats and cholesterol meals daily will reduce chances of having some serious heart problems like heart attack  [Arabi,2014].



Moreover, better quality life in a child’s life is probably got from proper nutritional behavious,this will come in when your child partake in more activities and with enthusiasm as they play and interact with the other children in the play ground or even at school. WHO once


stated from their report that people of good health tend to have elevated feelings of wellbeing and wellness [Arabi,2014].As part of this, children will also have a high level of defence from illness such as colds with improved efficiency with the support of proper nutrition.Perhaps, with this in mind we are able to have a vivid picture of the community where we stay and make the right judgemental reports concerning nutrition and good health.

Another important reason, nutrition is important for this children is because they don’t know what is right category of food  for them to take .Unfortunately, the kind of food they tend to like most in their diet  are sugary  staff such as chocolates and others  which have a tremendous risk factors as far as health is concerned. So this will help the parents to control what their children take and not leaving the children on their own in food selection. These will also challenge the relevant authorities to come up with various strategies to educate the community more so the parents to teach them on how to feed their children with the right food staffs which will improve their children’s health  [Healthy child programme,2009].



Therefore, health and nutrition is very vital for the development of a child in a community. It is also associated with the child having superb brain as they grow to adulthood. In order to have a healthy and successful community in the future, the children should be brought up by educated parents on nutrition matters, to give the children the right food as they



grow and develop  to adulthood. The groups and organizations having relevant and required knowledge on nutrition and health  matters  [ARABI,2014].

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