Information technology is a key factor in our modern business world because it enables organizations and firms such as Zeta to reach out to clients all over the world and serve them diligently. Zeta just like any other firm around the world has its clients as its first priority and therefore to boost the services they offer to them they must advance their IT in order to satisfy them and by so doing they need to employ quality IT strategy so as to avoid any challenges that may be brought about by services they wish to offer online through their website. Any firm however must learn that in order to have a good IT strategy then they will require top quality IT enterprise architects to formulate not just a good strategy but one that is going to be efficient for quite a long time.

One of the steps to consider when developing an IT strategy is that the strategy should work towards marketing the firm and portray a brighter future therefore making both the firms employees and the client to work with a clear mind of reaching greater heights. Another key step is that it should be transparent in that it allows clients and other people who might wish to get informed on how the systems runs and how efficient is its delivery in terms of customer satisfaction. An open strategy helps a lot in terms of trust development towards the system especially with customers who wish to pay for their products or services online before receiving them.




A good IT strategy should as well consider the organization of the system, the system should not just enable the firm to store its data in the right place but should as well ensure that they are placed in a specific order in that similar or related information is grouped together. Another key step is how the system is going to integrate into the market in other words the strategy should without failure adapt to the new market and enable the firm to conduct its business as usual as well as make it better or improve its growth tremendously.

Developing this strategy is going to be faced with some major challenges but that does not necessarily mean that they are not going to be resolved. Amongst the challenges is the lack of management required to oversee how the strategy is going to function and ensure that it runs well all the time. This occurs due to how big the structure is going to be considering that most firms including Zeta serve a large market that is evenly distributed. Second challenge is the ability of the strategy to change over time given the fact that new technology keeps coming up every single day it therefore makes it hard for a firm to stick with one structure for a long period of time. The last but not least is the management of budget given that different groups carry out their funding at different times of the day or month therefore making it hard to follow one strategic way of planning the budget.





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