La Jetee

La Jetee is Chris Marker’s film work that appears to different from other French movies in quite a fascinating way. Majority of the French made movies are composed with moderation when it comes to technology, imagery and other futuristic aspect.   La Jetee is a “story of a man marked by an image from his childhood”.  Right from the onset the movie starts on a futuristic tone when Chris says “the hero will travel in time toward the childhood image”. Unlike other typical films that are set on the reality of catastrophes such as earth quake, La Jetee embraces fiction in a quite captivating manner (Smith, 1995).

The object of this movie is the protagonist who has revealing traits throughout the movie. Science is an important component of this movie a feature that is not common with many French films. The French opt to maintain a certain level of reservation in embracing technology and specifically fiction in their film works.

Down the scientific laboratories, the hero of La Jetee is fictionally fixated by a secret camp that has interest in knowing the secrets of this hero (Smith, 1995).  The audience is brought to the realization that revealing certain secrets in the life of the hero can lead to death as he fictionally relives the experience with his tormentor in tender years. Therefore Chris opts to shift from the perennial French culture of movie production that offers romantic and action hypothesis. He instead opts for the scientific-fiction proposition in the quest to develop a uniquely attractive film.






Chris has aboriginality been artistically predisposed to imagery from previous film works. However in this particular movie, Chris takes to the scientific and technology approach to deliver to the audience (Smith, 1995). The scientific-fictional proposition emphasizes specifically on the diffidence of the author in applying science and fiction to create and attractive film. He uses fiction to expose the ambiguous memory to the audience rather than using the common literature narration style.  The audience hence has to maintain close eye contact with this film in order to ascertain the goal of Chris (Smith, 1995).  It is more than an autobiographical movie that combines romance, action and technology in a rich way.

The dilemma of the hero between the memory confines and real life experiences depicts an upgrade from the open-ended style of film making to a rather complex and interesting way of compiling film works. It is also a movie that announces the change and challenge of the entire French film industry (Smith, 1995).  After La Jetee, the French based film makers realized that embracing new ideas and technologies will not dent the future of the French film industry. Instead this film came as a surprise wake up call to the producers to even embrace more complex technologies in to different classes of film as per their target populace. The film fits across all audiences because the events are artistically developed from the creative point through the fiction stage of come out an excellent master piece (Smith, 1995).

La Jetee still attracts substantial number of viewers even in the age of highly crafted science-fiction movies. Chris made his mark with the exquisite knowledge of imagery blended together with the excellent touch of aboriginality. Personally, I rate this film as a classic edition and hence maintain it my library for reviewing. Surprisingly, the film never lacks its excellent flow and captivating story line.


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