Many argue that leaders are not born but made. All it takes is the right path and learn the basics of leadership. There are so many types of leadership styles and everyone has their own style. Authentic leadership has emerged as one of the most preferred type of leadership today.  Authentic leadership is a method of leadership, which insists on building a leader’s authority through building true relationships with his juniors. Authentic leaders are open and truthful about whom they are. They use this to build on their leadership skills. George et al. (2007), notes that the journey towards authentic leaderships begins when a leader starts to understand his/her life stories.

George et al. (2007) states that authentic leaders view their story as individuals who want to learn from their actions and not just as passive observers.   They look back on these experiences and reflect on them. The reflection enables one to build up on his/her weakness by understanding how best they would have dealt with the situation. George et al. (2007) note that authentic leaders have persistence and work hard to have self-awareness. When a leader is self-aware, he is able to deal with situations that would otherwise proven hard to deal with. Discovering oneself is important especially when one is a leader.

Authentic leadership can be used at the work place to promote teamwork. When you show your true self to you juniors, they are able to relate with you and thus promoting teamwork. When a leader is able to relate with the employees, they will be more as if they belong. That means that company will be in a position to retain its employees. When the employees are satisfied they give their best work which means that they will increase the output per worker. Authentic leadership can therefore be used at the workplace to retain employees, increase inputs and to promote teamwork.


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