Introduced back in 2008 essentially as the first product at the inauguration of Keroche Breweries, Summit Lager is brewed in Kenya to stay (Keroche, 2016). Summit Lager is brewed under very cold conditions through the use of slow-acting brewer’s yeast, well-known as a bottom-fermenting yeast, and then put in storage for a duration of time (Keroche, 2016). Summit Lager is a well-balanced beer comprising flavors of grains, hops and water (Keroche, 2016). The aroma of Summit Lager comprises of sweet malt, grainy scent so accustomed to lager drinkers.

According to an advertisement that first aired in 2013 with the aim of continued marketing of Summit Lager which is essentially the selling point of Keroche Breweries, it is quite clear that the marketing department of the company focused on market segmentation. For instance the company focused on:

Demographic segmentation

This is a segment that divides a market by demographic indicators such as, sex, age, types of household, level of education and income distribution. In summary the type of products bought, amount spent, and how this products are bought largely depend on the demographic factors. In the ad, there is the representation of people of all ages, households as well as the indication that the beer is affordable due to the representation of people from different households in Kenya.

Psychographic segmentation

This segment divides the market by lifestyle along with values and trust or beliefs. There are different types of markets which suit psychographic segmentation, for instance, fitness and outside recreation. The ad has not failed to indicate that Summit Lager is fit for consumption and also fit for those who are out to have some time alone or for recreational purposes.


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