Marketing Analysis for Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple watch was launched six months ago to the whole world. It has various opportunities such as; it is available in three versions. Sports edition, which is sold at $349 to $399 according to the size, which is approximately 38mm or 42mm). Regular watch is sold at percentage 549, which almost doubles the figure of the first watch (Stropa, 2015. Apple Computer, Inc, 2006.,& Jurevicius, 2016) . Third type is the watch edition, which is available at 18K gold to $ 17000, which is usually afforded by few people.

It has a flexible retina display that has a force touch which uses tiny electrodes to enable it differentiate a light tap and a long deep press. In addition, it has real-time notifications for messages, incoming mail and calls, Wi-Fi, GPS, Heart rate sensor and accelerometer (Rodigo, 2012). It has available apps like twitter, Apple pay, Face book, Maps, uber, instagram among others.

It is a wearable gadget, which depends on iPhone in most of its functions. It is promising to open apps market and industrial sectors like Nerio Alessandri, CEO of Technogym, and fitness. It is also a substitute for automotive industry because of its ignition keys among other tasks that it performs (Sanford, 2016). It will therefore be in equal position with BMW and Telsa. Due to its real time notifications, its users will be updated constantly, entertained. Apps such as Honey well app assists people to control things in their homes while away and Nike app challenges friends.


Apple watch like any other internet device is a threat to security and privacy of users. Since it shares a large amount of personal data it has higher chances and in a better position to collect and monitor individual data (Hellman, 2014).

It monitors its user’s personal data, purchase habits, health records, ideas, notes, and events. Management of such data raises legitimate concerns, the way they are encrypted at transmission and security at storage (Apple Inc, 2016).

Trust has also raised concerns since watch apps gathers many data from users, their location, messages and contacts. It is not possible to trust their fair use policy and intelligence agencies whether in US or other locations (Mueller, 2010). Although apple watches assists people communicate easily, and improve their lives, it collects many personal data to make huge profits.






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