Medical Ethics

I agree with Dr. Miller. He’s not advocating that all research be abolished, rather that we take a closer look at what we are doing and what tests are necessary. If we can stop animal suffering and throwing away innocent lives unnecessarily, we ought to do it. We can proceed from a scientific standpoint, take a middle ground, and change attitudes like that of the AMA. In the process of changing minds, we can hopefully save a lot of animal lives as well.

Just as Dr. Nguyen is saying, animal testing plays an important role in that it aids in the testing of certain medications that help in saving human lives. Doing away with the practice is not practical therefore instead of doing away with the practice it would be better if the testing procedure would be monitored more closely to ensure that unnecessary tests are abolished just as Dr. Miller is suggesting. Today the manner in which these animal tests are carried out especially by the American Medical Association is not right since you find that unessential tests are carried out on animals. With regulations such unnecessary tests that lead to the death of innocent animals could be avoided to a great extent.

On the other hand those who advocate for animal rights some of them are not even in the medical industry and therefore they don’t have a clue on the importance of these tests. On the same alternatives for animal testing such as computer stimulations should also be considered and tailored in a way that they are able to provide the desired results. More advancement in the medical research industry is needed and the researchers should also come up with a way of carrying out animal testing without necessarily killing the animals. We are the controllers of these animals so we should come up with ways that minimize their torture in as much as they are helping us.




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