Militarization of the police involves use of military equipments and tactics by law enforcement officers. The military equipments might be equipments that they have with them on board or the aircraft itself. An unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) better known as the combat drone is an aircraft that has no human pilot in it. They are controlled by human depending on various points. The human controller runs the vehicle using a remote on a remote terminal. This means that this aircraft is light than the usual aircrafts.

When the German government wanted to introduce the use of combat drones, it was met by oppositions by the public. The German government used drones before but it was mostly unarmed. Many civilians thought that the use of combat drones would lead to deaths of innocent civilians.  A survey that was carried out in Germany in 2013 showed that 59% of the population was against the use of combat drones. This is however opposite in the US where 62% of the population is for the combat drones.

Drones have taken important tasks that were found to be risky for the humans in the past. They have been used to launch missile attacks and they have also been used to dismantle roadside bombs. These two are considered to be the most prevalent causes of deaths. This means that more lives are saved when the drones are used especially with the cases of prevalent terror attacks. The drone technology is actually improving because the sizes of the drones are now reducing which makes them more effective especially in target killings.

The surveillance capabilities of the drones have enabled the American public to access video footage about the on-ground operations.  The U.S police officials have also decided to use the drones for law enforcement purposes. They can be used to spy on the drug trafficking on the notorious spots especially on the U.S-Mexico Border. In 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration used a drone with camera and sensors for law enforcement purposes. The drone that goes by the name Draganflyer has been used elsewhere for the purpose of law enforcement purposes. For example, it was used in Canada by police officers to gather evidence and also survey the crime scenes. More and more drones are being used by law enforces to get evidence and arrest criminals.

Image 1:  Draganflyer drone

There have been campaigns by human rights organizations against the combat drones.  The human rights activists say that the use of drones might lead to the development of fully automated weapons, which will mean that more civilians might be killed in the process. These weapons will be used to execute target killings without the intervention of any human moral framework. There are international laws of war that rule how participants of a war should conduct themselves.  The laws direct the participants of war to limit the civilian deaths and injuries. This is done by properly identifying the targets to avoid accidents.

Even if civilians might be hurt by use of military drones, unarmed drones might be used by law enforces to catch and prosecute the bad people. It is therefore important to shift and continue to improve this technology of the drones. This should be done keeping in mind that the innocent people should not suffer when it comes to them.







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