Mission statement discussion questions

Question One

The strengths of the mission statement examples in the provided file include the provision of the companies’ objectives, inclusion of employees’ interests, and the interest of the consumers and shareholders. Most mission statements, if not all, have a provision for customers’ interest by purposing to produce the best of products to their consumers, for instance, the Missouri Baptist and Medical Center has an objective to improve the health of the community they serve. This in itself accommodates the interest of their customers’, which is to receive better health care.

Further, the mission statements seem to accommodate employee motivation as part of the companies’ road to success. For example, the MNGT 5000 has provision for career enhancement among its employees in its mission statement. In management, employee motivation improves a company’s ability to remain competitive since every employee in that case stay focused on the goals of the company. Lastly, the mission statement such as that of AB organization includes the shareholders interest, which is to earn more returns as possible from their investments thus encouraging more investors to come in.

On the contrary, companies have not been able to hold what they stand for in their mission statements. For instance, the first line of the Johnson and Johnson credo states that the responsibility of the organization is to ensure that high-quality products should be readily available to those who use them to meet their needs. However, this has not been the case considering the recent recalls of Tylenol products that face poisoning allegations.



Question Two

In my opinion, MNGT 5000 mission statement provides an effective guide for making critical decisions because, first, it fosters on empowering every individual so that each employee can have a voice in a key decision-making process. Secondly, it purposes to enhance leadership skills to every employee that guarantees that the employees will develop critical thinking skills for making key decisions. On the other hand, Scott Adams on mission statement may just be a motivational tool since it only focuses on the employees’ motivation to produce quality products in the statement.

Question Three

The Johnson and Johnson organization indicated adherence to their credo statement in the 1982 Tylenol crisis of being responsible to every individual that use their products. The company accepted their mistake based on this statement and recalled all the products in the store. In addition, they made the necessary compensation to their suppliers and distributors to avoid losses that could be incurred as stated in the credo. Finally, the company came back in full operation after spending a lot of money to clear up the mess and made sure that their stakeholders interest was not put in vain by making a strong comeback as far as profitability was concerned and as stated in the credo. The repeat of the same in 2010 however indicated show negligence and lack of honor to the pinned credo that raised ethical questions thus a warning letter from FDA.

Question Four

It is not in order for a business mission statement to express only its aspiration. Instead, the business should outline in the mission statement the procedures that are to be used to meet such aspirations. In addition, the business should also outline measures to sort out any failures to meeting such aspirations.






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