My leadership style

The Disc assessment and the assessment tools of personality have assisted me to understand the different mechanism of how to improve my personality. I am in a position to understand the type of specific personality and how it has reflected my leadership skills. I understand that personality plays a significant role in enhancing leadership skills; therefore a significant personality implies that the individual will be in a position to apply appropriate leadership skills. Therefore the overall assessment tools and the personality and DISC Self assessment tools are significant to me in improving the type of leadership and most importantly the required leadership that can influence people or employees to work towards a certain goal.

Democratic type of leadership also known as participative leadership p style will be suitable for my organization. This is because it values the team member and the leader is in a position to understand that the team members play a critical role in the organization. This type of leadership involves the aspects of working together in order to solve a problem (Boone, Kurtz 2009). The leader includes more than one employee in the processes of decision making however the final authority on the decisions is maintained by the leader (Jogulu 2010). On the other hand, applying this type of style is not an illustration of weakness rather than indicating the employee’s strength. In some case, this type of leadership is applied when the leader has some knowledge on the overall issue that needs to resolve and the employees also have some contribution to make. One aspect that an organization should understand is that leaders do not know everything that is why employment of skilled people and knowledgeable people is significant. Therefore applying this type of style is significant as it allows the leaders and the employees to become a team and work towards effective management decisions and problem solving solutions (Johnson 2015).




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