Nursing is not just a profession it is a mission.  A nurse needs to be compassionate and dedicated to what they are doing to make sure that their work is done perfectly. The first script that is provided is quite shallow on the essence of nursing. It covers what a nurse needs to be but does that in quite a shallow manner. Being a nurse will take much more than making the patient comfortable. This script can be improved by adding how a nurse can show empathy towards the patient apart from being there for the patient. The second script on the other hand is quite elaborate on the essence of nursing is all about. It covers all the areas that are deemed important when it comes to caring about a patient. Be it in the Intensive Care Unit, after surgery or just the normal hospital admissions.

The second script in this case captures the essence of nursing in a more appropriate manner. It has included all the essential details that a nurse needs to have. As stated earlier a nurse will need to be compassionate. Not everybody is patient and is willing to listen to every single detail of what a patient is saying. Not everybody will be concerned about how a patient’s day is going or what is troubling the patient. That means that not everybody can fill in the shoes of being a nurse. A nurse needs to be keen to the needs of the patient and be there every hour of the day for the rest of the year. Most people will say that being a nurse is more of a calling than a profession.

According to Geralyn M. & Mary A. L (2005), professional vigilance is the essence of care in nursing. Professional nursing vigilance should be based on the knowledge of the nurse in doing their work. A nurse should always be on the watch and this means that not everybody can actually be a nurse because it takes more than being interested in nursing. The essence of nursing does not depend on the number of patients healed but by the level of care that these patients received when they needed it the most. The essence of nursing is all about prolonging life.


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