Only Daughter

Only daughter is a title for a lady who was in a Mexican family of six sons and herself. This aspect of being a lady amongst several brothers led to the lady spending most of the time alone. The time that she spent alone created her an opportunity to write and become a professional. The head of the family who was in this case the father often introduced himself in gatherings pointing out that he had seven sons and this irritated the only daughter and she felt neglected by the family. Being the only daughter for her father would eventually lead her into becoming someone’s wife. Even though she shared her plans to attend to college with her dad and he was okay with it, the only reason he was ready to take her to college is because in college that is where girls found future husbands.

Unfortunately after four years in college and two years in graduate school the only daughter came back to her father with no husband. Her father was not pleased about it and he ended up regretting and saying that all that education was now wasted. The only daughter went on with her writing career and wrote more and more poems but eventually her father could not read since they were written in English. The only daughter started earning the rewards of her hard work. Her book started selling at major New York publishing house. She was also invited as a guest professorship at the University of California.

It was during Christmas when the only daughter flew home to meet her family and on reaching home she went to her dad’s room where he was in bed after a stroke. That day became the best day of the year since her father at least once appreciated her writing. This is what it meant to be the only daughter in a family of sons.

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