Origins of Cyber security

The author of the first memo is J.C.R Licklider who is the director of Behavioral Sciences Command and Control Research. The memo is highlighting the topics that would be discussed in a forthcoming meeting. The memo is also informing the Members and Affiliates of the Intergalactic Computer Network on the postponing of the meeting that had been scheduled for 3rd May to the reschedule on 10th May. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss some issues that the research and control center need to iron out and make the operations better and simpler. In the meeting some of the issues affecting the research and control centers will also be discussed and solutions for them will also be suggested.

One of the issues that the director pointed out is the fact that different members of the group as well as affiliates have different aspirations, projects, activities as well as areas of profession. These differences are brought together since every individual in the group aims at bringing about advancement in technology of information processing as well as advancement of intellectual capability. For progress to be effected various members of the group would be assigned different roles and objectives to accomplish. Some group members will be preparing executive and monitoring routines, others will focus on coming up with compilers and languages, others will be on documentation schemes and coming up with debugging systems and others will also come up with programs and hardware to perform the operations required.

Based on the  fact that different individuals in the group will be carrying out different activities, the meeting will also explore the possibilities for mutual advantages as these activities are been carried out. This evaluation will seek to determine the group members who are dependent on others and also to determine how those group members with heavier loads than others can get some bonus benefits. The costs of the projects is another agenda that will be discussed and under this the group members will be able to determine which projects will be advantageous and which will be disadvantageous and it is through this analysis that the projects will be picked appropriately.

The director also pointed out that there will be a discussion on how to generalize and enhance coordination among different research and command centers. Different research and command centers use different programming languages, computer network languages as well as file storage and retrieval languages. These differences tend to inhibit the coordination of these research and command centers and due to this, in the meeting, group members and affiliates from different research and command centers will discuss and come up with common ways of doing things to enhance coordination.

Since these projects will be different but aimed at a common goal, the enterprise will also come up with a compiler. The main aim of the compiler will be to modify existing programs to suit the current needs. The compiler will also ensure the compatibility of different projects. All these will be achieved through the unity of the group members and affiliates.





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