In the past one year, approximately thirty million Americans have defiled the drug regulations and Acts on plainly millions of instances. On the other hand, drug- treatment or management programs in a majority of cities are at full capacity and they are at a point where they are turning people away due to lack of enough space and finance (Nadelmann, 2011). In addition, in Washington, D.C. alone, drug-related homicides, mostly of one drug supplier by another, are held accountable for an expanding number of homicides over the past year alone.

Results of banning tobacco

Based on a fresh national survey in the United States of listed voters by Zogby International, approximately 45% of Americans supported the ban of tobacco. Americans in the age bracket between 18-29 years, 57% supported the ban of tobacco (Nadelmann, 2011). However, according to Nadelmann the results of banning tobacco would be more disastrous than legalization of the same. On the brighter side of banning tobacco, probably hundreds of thousands of American smokers would lastly abandon the behavior, and masses will never start smoking. Additionally, smoking-associated deaths and infections would drop considerably. Probably, this is the good that would happen, however, that is not all that would happen (Nadelmann, 2011).

Banning tobacco will not make tobacco disappear, it will immediately change hands and start selling in the underground world, thereby removing its high valued clients in support of individuals are experts in violence and extortion (Nadelmann, 2011). On the other hand, some of the well-known tobacco farmers would become criminals, producing their produces secretly. Drug lords would celebrate at the prospects for fresh markets and profits. In addition, tobacco associated killings would rise as criminal networks compete for territory and markets, while regular crime would rise steeply as hundreds of tobacco peddlers search for ways to satisfy their pricy addiction (Nadelmann, 2011). Therefore, it is correct to postulate that, Nadelmann presents a serious argument and he is right in his claim.


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