Plea Letter

Dear the Dean of Students,

First Part

I received a warning letter that I was subject to dismissal from this distinguished university which I strongly acknowledge as the best for my studies to propel my academics and make me realize the best  of my aspiration enabling me realize my long yearned for academic dreams and aspirations. I acknowledge that I have not attained the needed expectations with my below par performances attaining a GPA that only warrants me a dismissal from this distinguished university of excellence. I heartedly regret letting the institution down with such a bad performance and actualize the penalty thereof imposed of me as per the academic principles of this institution.

However, it is my plea that you give me one more chance. I also hate the situation I have allowed myself to get in. my family really struggles financial with my father being just but a small business man and my mum a mere jobless housewife. This has really affected my psychological being making me hardly concentrate build a successful focus on my studies and daily college life for excellence. I have a strong belief that I can do better than what have done this quarter. My situation is all courtesy of the poor financial state of my family back in Macau, China which has made me so emotional to the extent of not taking my studies with a strong approach. At times I lost focus when I chat with my mother and heard her cry for the hard time they were enduring back at home to make both ends meet.

It is my promise that I will be strong and strongly change from this devastating and discouraging academic situation. Please don’t dismiss me from the university for it will only get worse for me and my family who have a lot of trust that I will lift them from financial struggles and guarantee them a better future courtesy of this university. Thank you for time and consideration, hoping to hear from you soon.

Second part

I acknowledge that my academic performance for the last quarter can only warrant me a discontinuation from this university. Given a chance, I promise to make a complete turn-around of this performance and do excellent in my studies. From the bottom of my heart I promise to beat the situation that has put me to this poor performance that has made me have a poor and an unacceptable GPA. Strategically to come out of this situation, I have a personal zeal and plan to excel in the next quarter if allowed me to continue, which am optimistic that you will empathetically consider me for another chance. Please don’t dismiss me and I promise not to disappoint you for this second chance. I have scheduled a daily study personal time table with extra personal study exercises which I plan to liaise with my instructors for assessment. Being a foreign student I have also realized that I have been not fluent in spoken and written English which is the main language of instruction. This has consequently barred me from getting instructions correctly from my tutors. I plan to change this and grasp every word of instruction by engaging in spoken and written English drills to up my fluency in English. According I have scheduled my studies well and promise to follow this schedule which I deem the  way to a better GPA.

I really promise to change this situation and make you and my parents proud. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soonest possible.

Yours faithfully,

(Student Name).

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