Psychoanalytic Criticism on “Green eggs and ham”


The paper is an article that will base its arguments on the Psychoanalytic Criticism on the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.

The term psychoanalysis refers to Freud’s theory of personality attributing to actions and thoughts to motives and conflicts that are unconscious (Seuss). From the book, we get to understand the structure of the mind according to the text of the book. The minds structure, in this case, is divided into three which are superego which means internalized ideals that provide standards for future aspirations and judgment in most cases our conscience. The other structure is the ego that refers to the executive mediator that occurs between superego, reality and id and lastly id referring to the storehouse of our wishes, fears, and desires (Seuss).

From the book the author introduces Sam-I-Am representing the id of the unnamed character, the green eggs in the book as anticipated by the author represents an unconscious desire identity of Sam-I-Am where both are repressed by the ego of the character unnamed to avoid being termed as immature. The persistence of Sam-I-Am in the text shows or rather reveals the strength of the id (Seuss).

The author also in the context of the book shows how the unnamed character uses the aspect of reaction formation in avoiding to eat the green eggs and ham at all cost, reaction formation in this case refers to the defense mechanism through which the ego switches impulses into the opposite unconsciously. The reality we get from the context of the book is that the unnamed character desires to eat ham and green eggs (Seuss).

At the end of the story finally, the id breaks all defense mechanisms and the unnamed character tries green eggs and ham and lastly the reconciliation of the ego and id gives the unnamed character liberation and fulfillment (Seuss).


From a psychoanalytic view, green eggs and ham give an illustration how we human struggle between our child life remains and adult life. Therefore, we should not be tire or rather bored as we grow instead we should allow and accept for id and ego equilibrium.










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