Two of my friends and one of my coworkers had common views on who a psychologist is. Following the explanations they gave concerning who a psychologist is I was able to sum up their views and I came up with a general definition the psychologist. A psychologist is an expert who studies and examines the behavior of mental processes. From their line of thought they also had different views on the role played by psychologists in our society. There are different types of psychologists and the different types are defined by the roles they play. To begin with there are clinical and counseling psychologists who help patients with complex therapeutic conditions. Psychologists under this category deal with individuals, couples, groups or families. These psychologists are aware of different styles of therapy and they are able to choose the best type of therapy to administer to the current situation at hand.

The other role played by psychologists is research. These psychologists are known as organizational and community psychologists and their role is to  apply the theory and knowledge from research to tackle real life problems in the community we live in, in the business world as well as in government as it tries to carry out its administrative roles. This category of psychologists also help members of the society cope up with suffering, stress and pain that is caused by externalities such as drought, accidents or even death. The other type of psychologists is the Academic psychologists. These psychologists teach psychology in learning institutions. They play the roles of a teacher and they aid in the training of psychologists. These are the different roles that psychologists play and these roles are defined by the different types of psychologists.

These acquaintances based their answers on publications and books on psychology and others also consulted the psychologists in their institutions and asked them to define their roles. Abraham Maslow is the famous psychologist who they named. He was an American psychology professor and he remains famous following his contributions to psychology. He proposed the theory of Hierarchy of Needs and he is also the founder of Humanistic Psychology. From this theory he argues that mental and social disorders are as a result of deviation from human’s natural goodness.

There are different opinions that the general public holds about people with mental illness. Some people support Maslow’s argument that mental disorders are as a result of deviation from the accepted human behavior. Others argue that mental disorders are genetic problems and that they are transferred from one sibling to another along the family lineage. Some also believe that mental illness is caused by drug abuse and they argue that those with mental illnesses in most cases are drug addicts. Another category also believes that mental illness is just an illness like  any other and it can occur to anyone just like other diseases.

Psychologists are featured in shows on televisions as well as in documentaries. Following the trend of improved technology in the modern world psychology is establishing a greater platform in the media. Psychology shows such as ‘The Survivor’ are giving an accurate portrayal of psychological issues. The three acquaintances I shared with had positive impressions in answering my questions based on the fact that they were my friends and coworkers whom we i our daily life experiences with.






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