The figures are depressing. Globally, around 57 million children who are supposed to be enrolled in primary schools have never registered (Kothari, 2014). 47% of this children are doubtful if they will ever join school, while 27% are hopeful to enroll in a school in future and another 26% were in school but have already left (Kothari, 2014). Additionally, approximately 200 million children are unable to read or write despite finalizing their primary school education. By the year 2015, it was projected that worldwide, 743 million people in the age of 15 years and above will not be able to read and write which was actually the target for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) where two-thirds were projected to be women (Kothari, 2014).

Owing to the above statistics, Carmen Sandiego the current Miss All-World, in her goal to advance a platform of Child Welfare and Economic Equality transversely around the globe has planned to build a special school for girls back in her home country of Argentina. The All-World Academy is meant to provide education and training particularly for girls from impoverished neighborhoods around the globe, with a special emphasis on South America. The goal of the school will be to ensure that girls finish their high school education and advance for higher education and eventual success in the world economy. Additionally, women and girls are among the underprivileged of the poor especially in South America where they are subjected to effects of interior struggles, movement of men in and outside their countries of origin, as well as structural adjustments.

While this letter should not be limited to the education sector only, I strongly believe that The New York Times should tell a story on Carmen Sandiego’s new school because like many developing nations, poverty is mainly related to lack of means to and uneven supply of useful land, and insufficient access to information and useful assets for poor households. Education will act as a key to unlocking the full potential of many families especially the women who are left behind to decide the future of their children. The education sector is just one of the crucial fields, in advancing the development platform, I am available for interviews to further elaborate on the matter.

Due to the urgency of the subject, I would wish to request for a response from you since constructions for the school are scheduled for two weeks from this date. I really appreciate your consideration and looking forward to hear from you.



Count Rupert von Count


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