Public speaking

Speaking in public can be quite challenging at times. It has been said that public speaking is the human’s first fear. Even when one is an experienced public speaker they still have butterflies when they are about to make a speech. I have not always been so good at public speaking but I am glad that I took this class to help with the speech performance. My main aim to become a good public speaker. This then will enable me boost my self-confidence that I have been working for so long.  It has been said that speech delivery can either work out well or work out badly. This is the reason why there is a lot of anxiety among the people who deliver public speeches.

My first speech performance was not my best performance. I had a lot of mistakes going on. The first speech that I made was not my best work. I was nervous and anxious and did not perform to the best of my ability. This was brought about by the fact that I had not planned adequately. I knew what I was going to say but I did not know that I had to plan on how to deliver the content I had. I realized that having content is not enough for speech performance it is also important to know how the points will be delivered. Delivery sometimes is everything.

As I was preparing for my third speech I made sure that I had planned everything. I had my speech structured in such a manner that I followed a particular path. After I had planned I did a lot of practice on the speech to ensure that the delivery was fine. I am impressed to say that my third speech performance was better than the first and the second performances. I am slowly evolving to be a good public speaker. A lot of practice enabled me to deliver the speech in a manner that I also enjoyed and I was not as nervous as I was the first time. As the saying goes practice really does make perfect.

I have evolved as a public speaker in many ways. I have gained confidence to speak in front of my classmates without been nervous like I was the first time. I can also make a speech without referring to my small notes. As a public speaker there are times that you will be required to give impromptu speeches that you have not fully prepared for. Learning to deliver a speech without referring to the small notes that you have helps one a lot when it comes to such times.

When delivering my final speech I am looking forward to have many more materials on the topic and be able to deliver them previous performances have been quite sketchy and I want to improve on that. I want to be able to build up on material when delivering my speeches. I also want to engage my classmates more than I did the third time. This is because the this time was just a trial but I want to completely involve them for better results than this time.

There are several things I have learnt. First it is important to engage the audience when it comes to speech performance. When one engages the audience one is able to gauge the mood of the audience and it keeps the audience entertained. When the audience feel like they are a part of your speech delivery, the jitters will go away and you will enjoy your speech delivery. This is one of the points that led to my success during the third speech performance. I engaged the students in class and once they felt that they are part of the speech I was calmer and I enjoy the rest of the performance.

Another point that I have learnt is that practice determines a speech performance is success or failure.  One can practice in front of the mirror or ask a friend to listen to you as you deliver the speech and give you the feedback. Talking to people about the speech you are about to perform is an important thing because then one is able to know what to expect when it comes to performing in front of your audience. Practice does make perfect and doing a lot of research on the topic of research delivery is also a key point when it comes to improving one’s speech performance. During the quarter I had an opportunity to address youths in my town on the dangers of drug abuse. It was a refreshing opportunity and I got to apply a lot of things that I have learnt in this class. I plan to look for more opportunity to talk to the youth and

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