Quality Contribute to Healthcare Expenditures

The major factor necessitating reforms in the healthcare sector in United States and the world is that healthcare spending is rising too high and quickly. Despite the healthcare spending being measured by insurance premium, average spending per person, total government and total national spending, the Health care spending are growing faster than average wages, inflation and gross domestic product of any given country (Sandra, 2014). The reasons for increased spending in the healthcare sector is due to increased hospital costs, high prices charged by the providers, increased cost of medical technology, wasteful spending, unhealthy lifestyle, aging population and taxes.   The role of this work is to demonstrate how quality in healthcare sector contributes to healthcare expenditures.

Quality management and improvement in healthcare sector is of great essence. It is the role of the health providers to provide quality healthcare services to the patients in order to attain reliable and sufficient healthcare (Lidia, 2011). The actions demand the healthcare providers to possess the right knowledge and expertise during treatment of the patients. The demand for quality health services from experienced expertise drives the healthcare expenditures too high.  Lifestyle change has resulted to complex diseases among different people which necessitate the use of the modern technology and machines (Edward, 2013). The use of these modern machines in treatment has increased the healthcare expenditure. Inefficient healthcare system in the modern times is the major contribution of the increased expenditure.  In order to improve the quality of treatment there is need for the healthcare facilities to provide effective and efficient healthcare systems.

In conclusion, quality is a major determinant of healthcare expenditures because it determines the caregivers would be required to acquire appropriate expertise in treatment which would call for high charges, the treatment would be necessitated to be efficient, the complexities of some diseases and the need to use the modern technology in providing sufficient and quality treatment services will basically increase the healthcare expenditures (Jason, 2010).






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