Reflection (opinion) – Events UK

What do you think of the findings and recommendations?

The findings and recommendations are positive towards the growth of UK economy through promoting all events done in the country. Findings indicate that it could attract more investors in UK to grow more industries. UK government would encourage open discussions with a main agenda of discussing its hunger for business. In addition, UK government aims at supporting UK events financially and stage international events in their country.

The later process would invite more investors in the country leading to its growth. Financial support would improve events and decrease interventions that lower its competitiveness internationally. The major recommendations for the findings include establishment of a departmental approach of events in UK industries. UK government should concentrate with revenue generating sectors such as tourism, culture, media, and sports. It should also be represented in business, skills, and innovations (National Academy of Sciences, 2016).

 Is there anything that could be usefully applied to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia’s events include Janadriyah national festival, which is a cultural festival, held once per year. It combines camel races, dancing, poetry and falcony displays. Jeddah festival includes sports, concerts and others. Saudi National day on September 23 and Riyadh motor show that attracts many companies in the automobile industry. It attracts more than 80,000 visitors.  Such events could be improved through discussions, forums and seminars to discuss on how to attract more visitors and improve the economy in Saudi Arabia. Moreover the discussions could discuss how to improve the industries and businesses around.






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