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China Night is one of the many vital cultural festivals that are held annually at our University. Many have recognized and upheld this event because it’s during the festival that the Chinese get the chance to showcase their cultural heritage, foods, and games.

I selected the China night community event because I am a Chinese international student studying in the United States of America. Living in Diaspora doesn’t give one a guarantee to abandon his or her cultural. I remain loyal to my land and culture, and when an occasion like this is held within my institution, it’s a pleasure to intermingle with my fellow countrymen to celebrate our culture.

Cultural diversity is on the move around the globe, due to intermarriage and change of nationality, individuals migrating from their motherland to be citizens of different countries. There is a great need to exchange our cultural values; this can be achieved by holding community events like this China night. There are instances in which social exclusion has been reported, am sure this happens due ethnicity, racial discrimination, and gender-based favors. This holding Community events like this one all these negative behaviors will be controlled.

Am very curious to witness this year’s event because I missed the one held last year, throughout the year I have heard my fellow students hold talks on how exciting the event was. Last week I also read a newspaper stating that the China ambassador in the United States will be attending the community event. The ambassador has been severally praised because of his love for the Chinese culture I looking forward to meeting him on that day when the community event will be held.



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